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  Ammon Soloasa Tuimaualuga, Beyond 5 Member, age 17, Nashville, TN Just graduated high school, Ammon is from Corona, CA, though he now lives in Nashville with his bandmates. He plays ukulele and piano and counts wakeboarding, basketball and volleyball among his hobbies. He loves pineapple and his Samoan roots. Zac Love, Beyond 5 member, […]

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Sup, I’m Mykey. I graduated with a psychology and criminology degree from DU and my long term goal is to become/maintain a career was one of the top producers/djs in the world. I’m probably the second nicest guy in the world and the first DJ from the future. I’m an Emulator Artist who spins on […]

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  Name: Nick Brown Birthday: January 14th Hometown: New Rochelle NY Favorite Color: Black Favorite Book: The Alchemist Favorite Movie: ?? Favorite Food: Anything Jamaican Early Life – Nick Brown was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica to Courtney and Maureen Brown. In an effort to provide a better life with more opportunities, Nick’s father traveled […]

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