CatheXis is a Denver based, international staffing firm, built on purposeful mentoring and leadership development of talent; to cause the greatest positive impact for the companies they serve, the communities in which they reside, and the lives in which they touch.

Everyone is required to have a Mentor and a little/(Mentee). Similar to a big brother big sister program. All members are expected to come in with a growth mindset. Other requirements include a minimum of 20 hours of community service per year (many do more) and involvement in some kind of continuing education program to promote continual growth.

We provide opportunities for our Talent to volunteer through our enrichment programs that serve underprivileged youth in our inner cites. We promote having a mix of mentors of a variety of races, ages, socioeconomic status, talents and personalities. There is a lot of literature that talks about proximity being one of the fundamental keys to help bring people out of poverty and heal the damages of racism. Our enrichment program is one of the first of many that will help heal the violence and failure to thrive that we see today in America.

Talent is chosen based on their passion, charisma, integrity, their eagerness to learn, grow, and ultimately pay it forward. We are home of the underdogs and the leaders of tomorrow; here to support our talent and help them create a action plan to specify and achieve their short and long term goals.


We aspire to provide  unequivocal opportunities and real life – experience based, career development for our talent. More than a agency or talent management company, we believe in investing our energies to support the overall growth of every individual on our team and those around us. We live to serve each other and strive towards an ideal standard of community empowerment. As a collaborative group of visionaries we aspire to make a positive impact through our passionate work and our purposeful commitment to pay it forward.


We value individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, and integrity. We are dedicated, motivated, progressive, individuals on a personal quest to be the best of the best, inspire those around us, and contribute something truly great.

“Our culture’s obsession with image is holding us all back. Let’s teach our kids that their appearance is just one part of their identity. We love them for who they are, what they do, and how they make people feel. Let’s give our kids a chance to grow up valuing their whole selves. Exterior beauty and self-promotion is in high demand in the consumer world, it is vital that we do not neglect the education, coping skills, and support system that will carry these young men and women past their prime and prepare them with a skill set and knowledge base for a life of fulfillment, positive impact, and joy. Join the family!” – Leenda Nicole

Some of our clients, corporate contractors, and associates include:

Whole Foods

Clear Intentions


Prive Social

Rocky Mt. Medical supply

Nativ Hotel/Club







Spring Break All access

Inertia Tours

Mac Makeup

Denver Nuggets

Sharp Image

MMJ America

The Wright Group

Art From Ashes

Green Solutions

Native Roots

NYS  Collection

Denver Pavilions

Our 501(c)(3) non-profit fiscal sponsors consist of Art From Ashes, and tentatively United Way & I-empathize.

Your engagement is more than business, it’s making a difference.

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