I have been a makeup artist, bottle service, manage a promotional night at a club, work at T-Mobile and have worked in retail for 3 years. I love being around people it’s one of my strengths I always love to enjoy the company of people. I am a pretty fast learner, I get a long […]

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Self-taught makeup artist and model capable of handling several consecutive hours of dedicated, focused and precise work. Consistently been able to maintain a fun but sanitary and professional work space in a variety of environments. Rapidly accumulated 36,000 followers on Makeup Social App after having developed multiple makeup techniques. Learned business development by thriving in […]

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  Name: Nick Brown Birthday: January 14th Hometown: New Rochelle NY Favorite Color: Black Favorite Book: The Alchemist Favorite Movie: ?? Favorite Food: Anything Jamaican Early Life – Nick Brown was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica to Courtney and Maureen Brown. In an effort to provide a better life with more opportunities, Nick’s father traveled […]

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