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It began with a passion to cook. My mom owned restaurants my entire life, and even though I started out serving, I developed a love and passion for cooking quality food. I took that dream and ran with it. I attended Johnson & Wales in Denver when I was twenty-one, and finished with a culinary degree at the age of twenty-three. I had fulfilled a lifelong passion of mine, but in my attendance, I found I was put on this earth to do more than stand behind a stove. I wanted to be seen, heard, read about in a magazine, watched on the big screen. I wanted to entertain. My family and friends who grew up with me would consider me the wild child. At the age of two, I climbed out of the window above my crib, onto my balcony, and rolled half-way down the roof before, luckily, my neighbor spotted me and ran up to pull me to safety. By age six, I took another risk by revisiting my roof. This time, I successfully jumped from the balcony to my trampoline. As you can guess, by my teenage years, I already had four sets of stitches and a broken arm under my belt. I’ve always loved a challenge, and to this day I continue to seek thrills, (maybe in a more mature fashion). It only seemed fitting that I joined stunt work. 

I made a life changing decision to move on from my mom’s restaurant and focus on achieving a new challenge. I joined the Rocky Mountain Stunt Group in November of 2019. It was everything I hoped for. The high energy, jumps, backflips, kicks, punches, I loved it all. One challenge for me was the pace of speed in which I had to learn and perform. I played highschool and college basketball, so I was active and comfortable with the cardio. However, when you are throwing your body into walls and pretending to get punched in your face and gut, I quickly realized how much hard work and details are behind the magic of stunt work. Not long after my stunt classes began, my mom inadvertently introduced me to a movie director she had met through her business. After meeting with him, he recommended I attend acting classes with Paul Roher at Rohering Success. I was always told that you should either pick stunts or acting, which was a difficult crossroads for me as I had a desire to try both. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to act, I wanted to be known. However, if the opportunity ever came, I would be able to be my own stunt man! It never hurts to have more than one skill, more than one thing you can master. That’s when I asked myself, “What next?” My hunger to be seen and watched on the big screen was in the works. How can I be heard? 

When I was younger, I loved discovering new music. I was the friend that would steal the aux cord in the car so I could show off my latest discoveries. I did also enjoy hearing my friends music to see what I could add to my playlist. I would say my personality comes from my across the board taste in music. I enjoy all of it. Music seemed to be an icebreaker to any conversation. It helped me to connect with every type of person I encountered in my twenty five years of life. I bought my first Maschine about six months ago. A Maschine is a device where you can create music and beats. One of the great lessons I learned from my mother is to invest in yourself and always be perfecting your craft, and that is why I decided to begin music classes. For my THIRD choice of curriculum, I chose to attend KMG Academy in Boulder. This has been the most challenging to me because I have never been very tech savvy. Although, just like anything in life, if you truly want it and you put in the work consistently, you can conquer any obstacle. 

Which brings me to my main point of why I joined CatheXis. My whole life I thought I was meant to be in the restaurant business because of my parents. My eyes finally opened, and I 

came to the realization that I could blaze my own path, and I didn’t have to follow theirs. The path I chose is difficult, I know, and may be daunting to some, but I’ve always heard that if your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough. I thought my life was set in stone after highschool, but it turns out you can do what you love when you set your mind to it at any point in life. Being so new to the entertainment industry, I knew I would need an experienced team to provide guidance to help me along my journey, other than my parents. I’m very family oriented, so it was a relief to know I still had my parents full support with my decision to chase my own dreams. When I decided to transition from restaurant work to something I undoubtedly enjoy, I felt a sense of freedom. A wave of intense motivation flooded me when I realized I was beginning an entirely new journey and lifestyle. 

This is my passion. I wake up every day feeling more motivated than the last. I want to achieve what will be the biggest venture in my life. I’ve had a lot of my dreams come true and for that I’m grateful. Since my dreams only get bigger, I can envision myself working amongst the greats, such as Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, etc. In the future, I plan on focusing on my acting career and creating music on the side, but mostly being constantly ready for whatever any casting director or auditioner throws at me. Thus it is not me who made me, but the credit goes to my parents, my friends, and my experiences. Without them, I would still be at the beginning of the tunnel, rather than in the middle of it enjoying every single moment. I have learned that doing what you love while struggling is much more satisfying than doing something you are not passionate about while staying in your comfort zone.

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