Posted by on 06 Dec 2019

My name is Kendall Marie Halberg I am 20 years young. I am studying sports Medicine and Nutrition online at NASM. I am also in theater and Ballroom classes at the PPCC campus. I am a two time world and three time reserve world champion barrel racer. I grew up in Minnesota and on a ranch giving me a work ethic to accomplish what I put my mind to and grew up riding and showing horses. I was in 4-H for over four years giving me an overall experience on life and new activities. I got third at state horse knowledgeable and first at state drill team. I played many sports growing up and in high school I played volleyball and was the captain for multiple years. It is very important to me to give back to the community. With this being said I have organized multiple homeless food drives and got the community together to give back. I have competed in Miss Colorado for two years and would like to again. I have had many experiences talking on radio shows, handing out products for companies, being on the news, as well as being in multiple local commercials. My goal in life is to become very successful and proud of my accomplishments. I want to succeed in modeling and for acting. I have been out of country 3 times and want to travel as much as I can to help companies better and succeed themselves. Thank you!

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