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Posted by on 10 Dec 2015


Ammon Soloasa Tuimaualuga, Beyond 5 Member, age 17, Nashville, TN Just graduated high school, Ammon is from Corona, CA, though he now lives in Nashville with his bandmates. He plays ukulele and piano and counts wakeboarding, basketball and volleyball among his hobbies. He loves pineapple and his Samoan roots.

Zac Love, Beyond 5 member, age 19, Nashville, TN He was born in San Antonio, Texas and grew up in Layton, Utah. Zac went to Brigham Young University for one semester and now is a full-time band member of Beyond 5, though he hopes to continue college in the future. He loves soccer, running, playing the guitar and his miniature schnauzer, Buddy.

Tanner Myler, Beyond 5 member, age 19, Nashville, TN Tanner grew up in Eagle, Idaho, and is the 2nd of 6 children. In addition to singing, he plays piano and drums, and was a member of Eagle High School’s award winning varsity choir, Sonous. He’s an Eagle Scout and an avid tennis player and golfer.

TJ Ryan, age 16, Beyond 5 member, Nashville, TN TJ is the youngest member of Beyond 5 and is an honor student starting his junior year at an online charter high school. He has been acting on stage and singing since age 8, where his love of performing began. TJ has a twin sister and loves living in Nashville. Along with singing, he enjoys photography, graphic design, skiing and hiking.

Patch Crowe, age 19, Beyond 5 member, Nashville, TN Patch is one of 9 children, and has triple citizenship—Australia, Britain and US. He grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and fell in love with performing from a very young age. He has been in many of his school productions and loves sports, music, reading, and swimming. His musical influences include Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Sam Smith.

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